jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

3º Clasificado "The Spring is Coming" Total Puntos:104

Nombre:Bosko Jovanovic
Nick: biobio
País: Serbia
Titulo del trabajo: The spring is coming
Volumen: 6 litros (24 x 14 x 17 cm )   
Plantas: Riccia, fluitans, Microsorum pteropus mini, Anubias nana mini, 
Musgos: Flame, Java, Christmas and Fissidens fontanus.
HARDSCAPE: Quartz gravel 1-2mm + Red scoria (crushed and sifted 0-1mm) +  Seiryu stone, wild oregano wood.
Filtro: Hang on filter
Luz: 7W PL light
CO2: no
 It is inspired by the Thassos island (oregano is from there).
Every second day 25% water change (half tap water, half from my large tank)